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Uninterruptible Power Supply

on 11/09/11 | 21:38

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device which normally uses a battery backup as an alternative power ration, to be able to provide uninterrupted power supply for electronic devices are attached. However, UPS still different functions with a standby generator or often referred to as a generator. If the generator or the generator can not protect from interference ration of intermittent power, generator power only served as a substitute ration of electricity providers . Ration power generator replaced, if the power goes out.

However, when the displacement ration electric power, the power source portion of the generator, still requires a delay time that will be felt by naked eye. This will happen, either automatic or manual for the generator. For the working environment in a building with a generator, the UPS is put to work, both for normal and ration power from the generator. When a blackout, the UPS backup power ration will retain the device is working normally, before the generator starts automatically or manually. Use of an integrated system between the UPS and stand-by generator, commonly referred to as emergency power systems. For example in the data center and some vital telecommunication devices, hospitals are also using it either totally or partially.

Main function of the UPS
  • Can provide temporary electrical energy when the failure occurred on the main electrical power.
  • Provide sufficient time opportunity to immediately turn the main power generators as a replacement.
  • Provide sufficient time opportunity to immediately back up your data and secure operating system (OS) by doing a shutdown according to the procedure when the main power outages.
  • Securing computer systems from electrical disturbances that can disrupt a computer system in the form of damage to software, data or hardware damage.
  • The UPS can automatically stabilize voltage when there is a change in the input voltage so that the output voltage used by the computer system of the voltage stable.
  • UPS can perform diagnostics and management over itself making it easier for users to anticipate if it will be an interruption to the system.
  • User friendly and easy installation.
  • Users can control the UPS via a LAN network by adding a few accessories are required.
  • Can be integrated with the Internet network.
  • Notification in case of failure by configuring the UPS management software.
Many kinds of UPS :

Standby UPS type is the type commonly used by home users to juxtaposed with their PC. Transfer Switch has been set to take the input AC (DC) as the primary resource, while a backup power source is taken from the battery or the inverter (when the main power source goes off). UPS is capable of doing such type of power interruption filtration and flow management, as well as benefits to users from the design of efficient, small size and the costs relatively low.

Line Interactive

UPS type is most often used on small business units, web developers, and a number of servers located in government departments. This is because in addition to having high levels of reliability, this type also has the ability to adjust the voltage is quite good. Section Inverter (modifiers to AC power from the battery) is always connected to the output of the UPS system. In normal circumstances, the Inverter will perform battery charging. While in a state of power outages, Transfer Switch will shut down and drain power from the battery to the UPS output. Inverter position that is always connected to the output power to give an additional filter. This makes this type of UPS with widely used for servers and power conditions are not too good.

Double Conversion Online

This type is most common for UPS to power more than 10kVA. This type is similar to the type of Standby. Only this type has a power source located on the Inverter, not on an AC power source. In this type, the main power supply interruption will not trigger a transfer switch for AC electrical currents that go in the middle of doing the charging input to the batteries that provide power to the inverter which is located at the output. Therefore, when AC power is disconnected, the flow of energy will be transferred immediately without taking a pause while the transfer occurs. UPS type shows performance above average. It can be said of this type of approach the ideal of a UPS, unfortunately this type produce high enough heat.

Delta Conversion Online

Diagram of this UPS is a form of double conversion technology (Double Conversion) that Terah updated and are available with power 5kVA to 1.6MW. Have similarities with Double Conversion type, this type of use to always supply the voltage inverter. When the power supply is interrupted, this type do the same with Double Conversion type.

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