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The cause doomsday 2012 is the planet Nibiru

on 29/01/12 | 19:57

The cause doomsday 2012 is the planet Nibiru. The outside of our solar system still has a lot of minor planets that have not been found. Since the search for Planet X began in the early 20th century, the possibility of a hypothetical planet orbiting the Sun beyond the Kuiper Belt has fueled Doomsday theories and speculation that Planet X is actually the brother of our sun that has long been "lost". But why worry ahead for Planet X / Theory of Judgement is? Planet X is nothing but a hypothetical object that is unknown?

These theories also encouraged by the Mayan prophecy the world will end in 2012 (Mayan Prophecy) and the mystical story of the Planet Nibiru Sumerians, and finally heating up now as a "doomsday prophecy" December 21, 2012. However, the astronomical evidence used for these theories is seriously flawed.

On June 18 last, Japanese researchers announced news that their theoretical results for a large mass in the outer Solar System has produced results. From their calculations, there may be a planet slightly larger than an object plutoid or dwarf planet, but certainly smaller than Earth, orbiting the Sun at a distance of more than 100 SA. But before we get carried away on this discovery, the planet Nibiru is not, nor evidence of this world will end in 2012. The discovery of this new discovery and is a very exciting development in the search for minor planets beyond the Kuiper Belt.

In the theoretical simulation, two Japanese researchers have concluded that the outermost parts of our solar system may contain an undiscovered planet. Patryk Lykawa and Tadashi Mukai of Kobe University have published their paper in the Astrophysical Journal describing the minor planets, which they believe to interact with the mysterious Kuiper Belt.

Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs)

Kuiper Belt occupies a vast territory in our Solar System, approximately 30-50 AU from the Sun, and contains a large number of objects and metallic rock. Object is the largest known dwarf planet (plutoid) Eris. It has long been known that the Kuiper Belt has a strange characteristic, which may signal the presence of an object (planet) orbiting the Sun behind the large Kuiper Belt. Karakterikstik one is called the "Kuiper Cliff" or gap Kuiper found at a distance of 50 SA. This is the end of the Kuiper Belt suddenly, and very few Kuiper Belt objects that have been observed beyond this point. This gap can not be attributed to orbital resonances with massive planets such as Neptune, and apparently does not occur error (error) observations. Many astronomers believe that the sudden end in the Kuiper Belt population can be caused by an undiscovered planet, which may be as large as Earth. This object is believed to Lykawka and Mukai have their existence into account.

The planets in the solar array
Japanese researchers are predicting a large object, whose mass is 30-70% of the mass of Earth, orbiting the Sun at a distance of 100-200 SA. This object may also help explain why some Kuiper belt objects and Trans-Neptunian object (TNO) has some odd orbital characteristics, such as Sedna.

Since the discovery of Pluto in 1930, astronomers have been searching for other, more massive objects, which can explain the observed orbital disturbances in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. This search is known as the "search for Planet X", which translates literally as "the search for planets that have not been identified". In the 1980s the orbital disturbance is regarded as an error (error) observations. Therefore, the scientific search for Planet X today is the search for Kuiper Belt objects are large or minor planet searches. Although Planet X may not be for the mass of Earth, the researchers will still be interested to look for other Kuiper objects, a possible size plutoid, perhaps also a little bigger, but not too big.

doomsday 2012

"The interesting thing for me is the suggestion of the Kinds of very interesting objects may yet await discovery That in the outer solar system. We are still scratching the edges of That region of the solar system, and I expect many surprises await us with the future deeper surveys. "- Mark Sykes, director of the Planetary Science Institute (PSI) in Arizona.

Planet X is not scary

So where does Nibiru come from? In 1976 a controversial book called "The Twelfth Planet" or "Twelfth Planet" was written by Zecharian Sitchin. Sitchin has translated the writings of the ancient Sumerian wedge-shaped (the earliest known form of ancient writing). 6000 year old writings reveals that an alien race known as the Anunnaki from the planet called Nibiru, landed on Earth. Brief stories, the Anunnaki genetically modified primates on Earth to create homo sapiens as their slaves.

The occurrence Illustration Impact
When the Anunnaki left Earth, they let us rule this earth until the time they return. All this may seem a bit fantastic, and maybe a little too detailed when considering all of this is the literal translation of ancient writings 6000 years old. Sitchin job has been ignored by the scientific community as a method of interpretation are considered imaginative. Even so, many are listening Sitchin, and believed that Nibiru (with a very eccentric orbit around the Sun) will return, perhaps in 2012 for causing all the destruction and terror-terror on Earth. From the "discovery" is dubious astronomical 2012 Doomsday Planet X hypothesis is based. Then, how Planet X is regarded as the embodiment of Nibiru?

Then there is also "the discovery of brown dwarfs outside our Solar System" from the IRAS in 1984 and "NASA announcement will be 4-8 the mass of Earth-mass planet is headed toward Earth" in 1933. Proponents of the doomsday hypothesis relies on astronomical discoveries as proof that Planet X Nibiru is actually a long-sought astronomers during this century. Not only that, by manipulating the facts about scientific research, they "prove" that Nibiru is heading us (Earth), and in 2012, this massive object will enter the inner Solar System, causing gravitational disturbances.

In its purest definition, Planet X is an unknown planet, which might theoretically orbiting the Sun far beyond the Kuiper Belt. If the discovery a few days ago it finally led to the observation of a planet or plutoid, then this would be a remarkable discovery that helps us understand the evolution and characteristics of the mysterious outer Solar System.
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