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Blogspot.com become blogspot.co.id

on 04/02/12 | 17:27

Blogspot.com become blogspot.co.id. The various demands of censorship from many countries make Google think to censor the content of the blog is, but the content can still be opened in other countries. The trick is to do a redirect url using country-specific domain where the bloggers live. The basic idea is Google trying to delete the content of the blog is not universal. But just to remove the country alone.

For Google to redirect url is already commonly applied to the search engine Google. When you open Google.com from Indonesia with Google itself directly pointed become Google.co.id

Examples of Application Redirect URL Blogger.com
In the coming weeks, Google will officially do the redirect url localization state. However, you have to open your blog address with the domain of the country concerned blogspot - blogspot domain uninitiated gchangetok to Indonesia, but is it possible co.id?

For example how?

Please go to their blog address, for example:


When the Indonesian government censored gchangetok blog please go to the following domain:

http://gchangetok.blogspot.com.au (Australia blogspot domain)
http://gchangetok.blogspot.in (India blogspot domain)

or if you are confused about which country a domain using the selected please try using the url / NCR (No Country Redirect - is directed to a particular country.


More details on Google's plan to redirect blog domain url can be accessed at:
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6 Februari 2012 00.27

interestin information
not slowly with indonesia server

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