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Simple Secrets of SEO in Google Search Engine

on 01/02/12 | 22:31

Simple Secrets of SEO in Google Search Engine. Wikipedia is a site that has lots of good pages in the SERPs. Millions content rank high. Why so? This site seems like a giant who became number one in google search engine. After discussions with friends about SEO, I was asked the question about the secret Wikipedia SEO in google search engine.

Secrets of SEO
Initially we did not realize how wikipedia page set up his website. Really confused and raises the question of how and to what wikipedia started so as to be a site with high PR and frequently appears on the first page. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is free and can be edited by anyone. This site started since January 15, 2011 by Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger. And now it has become a great site.

From the brief discussion with my friend, while we can only find a few very good reasons why wikipedia in google search engine. To understand it I tried to search the keyword "seo" in google.co.id, and the results you can see the picture below:

The figure above shows that the search results for keyword "seo", Wikipedia was in the first position. You can try to find other keywords, and can see the results. Wikipedia does have so many pages that rank high in SERPs. Here bebarapa reasons why these sites often appear on page 1 Google
  1. Wikipedia use nofollow and have anchor text as a link internal pages. We can see that a lot of anchor tex in each content they serve.
  2. The site has content that bekualitas so many people liked. Here proves that content is king. Quality content to make visitors comfortable and in the end they need to visit this site again. This for me is the main reason about wikipedia seo secrets to become a successful site.
  3. Have a Pagerank 9.
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2 Februari 2012 02.34

Great tips, build more internal link on our blog like wikipedia site

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