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on 26/08/11 | 10:02

NLite is a program capable of modifying the contents of a Windows CD. With nLite you can add drivers pc / laptop, reducing the default drivers that already exist in the Windows CD is not needed, add a theme, add a serial number, username, regional settings, network and all the settings so that we no longer need to enter it during the installation occurs.

One example of the use of nLite is really needed is when it will install a Windows, on some notebooks that has brought the latest SATA drives and SATA drivers usually are required to detect the hard disk. However, on some Windows versions of the latest SATA drivers already available on CD / DVD installation. Then the demand for SATA drivers are not needed anymore, because it is integrated. SATA driver demand is usually in Windows XP Service Pack 2 down.

Download nLite is very necessary if you want to make your own Windows installation CD. nLite is free or free applications that have the ability to help create an ISO file or CD installation that will be used for the purposes of tweaks, patches, and add some drivers, theme, and throw some components that are not needed during the boot process.

Click here for download nLite-

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