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Origin of viruses

on 03/09/11 | 11:48

The virus, first the which Appeared in the world named [Elk Cloner] was born about 1981 in TEXAS A & M. Spread through Apple II floppy disks are operating systemnya That. The destroyer is displaying a message on the screen: "It Will get on all your disks, It Will infiltrate your chips-yes it is the Cloner!-It Will stick to you like glue-It Will modify RAM too-send in the Cloner " Hi ... ... ... ... ... .... The name "virus" is a new herself, after two years of his birth by Len Adleman on 3 November 1983 in a seminar discussing how to create viruses and protect yourself from viruses. But the people-Those men assume Often Appeared That the first virus is a virus [Brain] Who were the resource persons born in 1986. Fair wrote, Because the virus is the most shocking and the most widespread distribution karean DOS diskette That runs through it again ngetrend time. The birth also coincided with the [PC-Write Trojan] and [Vindent]

1949, John Von Neuman, expressing "self-altering automata theory," which is the result of research mathematicians.

1960, lab BELL (AT & T), experts in the lab BELL (AT & T) dabbled in theories expressed by john v Neuman, They toyed with the theory to a type of game / games. The experts make-a program Itself That can reproduce and can destroy the opponent artificial courses. Programs That are Able to survive and destroy all other programs, it Will be deemed the winner. This game eventually Became the favorite game in each and every computer lab. The longer They were the resource persons aware of and begin to be aware of this game Because the program created more and more dangerous, so They are doing surveillance and strict security.

In 1980, the program That Became known as the "virus" was successfully spread beyond the lab environment and began to Circulate in cyberspace.

In 1980, That begin to known viruses spread in the cyber world.

From then on, `the virus began to take over the world. Development really horrible and frightening! one year later CAME That the virus first infects files. Usually the attack is a file with extension *. exe virus is named [suriv] included in the virus "Jerusalem". Speed ​​of its spread is enough 'thrill' for the moment. But this virus guns' too bad ko 'Because this virus hit and beat up its IBM mainframe guns' for long, just a year.

1988, BIG attacks Appear to Machintosh by viruses [MacMag] and [scores] and the Internet beaten out by Robert Morris-made virus. In 1989 there prankster WHO sent the file "AIDS information program" and unfortunately, so this file is opened, the which is obtained instead of info about AIDS, but the virus mengenskrypsi hard drive and charge for the opening code.
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