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Playbook BlackBerry Connection With BlackBerry Bridge

on 31/01/12 | 15:10

Playbook BlackBerry Connection With BlackBerry Bridge. Playbook long awaited loyal BlackBerry users finally appeared on the market. Though it has some features of 'killer' like a true multi-tasking, video recording format camera with full HD (1080p), up to a browser that offers experiences like using a desktop, but this Playbook will not feel optimal if it has not been associated with a BlackBerry smartphone. By using the BlackBerry Bridge feature, you can synchronize with your BlackBerry Playbook that you have and take advantage of several features such as Messages, Contacts, Bridge Browser, Calendar, MemoPad, Tasks and Files Bridge.

For your convenience, this time we try to divide the regulatory measures and the activation of this feature.

1. Install the BlackBerry Bridge on the phone.
Unlike in the Playbook, the BlackBerry Bridge application is not available by default on the BlackBerry smartphone. For that you must install it yourself on your BlackBerry want synchronized with the Playbook. This application is available for free on AppWorld.
To facilitate the search enter the keyword "Bridge" in the App World's search feature.
AppWorld will present a list of search results. Specify the name of your Playbook (will be displayed on-screen BlackBerry phone) click Next. You will be prompted to install the BlackBerry Bridge on the phone and you can skip this step because it has done so before, click continue.

From here there are two methods that can be used, automatic or manual. To use the automatic click continue on BlackBerry phones and point the camera at the barcode is displayed on the screen Playbook. If successful Playbook and Blackberry mobile phones directly connected and synchronized, click done on the Playbook. The phone will ask you to enter a passkey a combination of numbers that you can choose your own, then enter the same passkey on the Playbook. Furthermore Playbook will display alpha-numeric combinations to be included on the phone, Enter the code on the phone.

2. Connect with Mobile BlackBerry Playbook
To do this, go to the BlackBerry Bridge application on BlackBerry phones. Change the BlackBerry Bridge option to "On". Select Add New Tablet. Run setup on the BlackBerry Bridge Playbook. This menu can be accessed in the options (represented by the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen or can be accessed by sweeping the top of the screen from the frame towards the bottom when it is on the homescreen). Select BlackBerry Bridge> Setup.

If the automatic way does not work, use the manual way. Click Manual Pairing the Playbook and then click Manual Pairing the phone anyway. The phone will perform a search select Playbook appropriate names that have been determined.

Your BlackBerry smartphone directly connect with the Playbook, click Done and some features of the BlackBerry mobile phones can be used on the Playbook.
Unfortunately, though it was not connected all the features of blacberry phones you can use the BlackBerry. Examples of fuel into whiz features of BlackBerry phones, up to this writing can not be used on the Playbook. But do not worry because RIM will reportedly soon be providing an update to fix this.
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