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Install Guide Android applications completely

on 31/01/12 | 14:59

Install Guide Android applications completely. Android application that often we do make install android phones so we have a variety of functions. Good for the purposes of photography, entertainment, multimedia, through to matters associated with the data and writing. But do you know if other than via the android market, there are several ways to install multiple applications android. This time we will provide a guide to install Android applications completely and clearly.

We MarketTentunya for Android android mobile phone holders, are quite familiar with the market made this google. In addition to a complete and diverse we are also quite easy to download applications on offer. Likewise when the application is available the updated version, then the phone notification informing that we immediately update the applications you have downloaded.

Android SDKKalau with the above applications you want installed are available in the android market, and how if you get the APK file to another source, eg from the website / other forums that are providing the APK file to be installed? Well android SDK is the right answer, unfortunately is no easy way but also not too difficult. Well, the steps are the android program Download and install the Android SDK and USB driver on your PC You.

How to Use It:
- Change the setting on the phone to allow installation We android applications from other resources. On the menu> Settings> Application Settings> Unknown Sources. Then on the menu> Settings> SD Card & Phone Storage> Enable connection to USB.
- The final step, open the Windows Command Prompt and type "adb install <1> / <2>. Apk".
- Replace <1> with the path that leads to the APK files are stored and replace <2> with the APK file name, for example adb install C: birds.apk angry.
- Once the application is installed, android phones We are ready to use.

Android InjectorCara other is by using the android Injector. Where are We find and download, then we have to install it on your PC and can we pinned on the desktop. The steps to install Android applications as follows:
• Connect your PC to the phone android We
• Setting the phone to the configuration: settings> app lications> Development> USB debugging check mark.
• Run the Android application injector
• Click the menu> Check for attached devices
• Select the file by clicking the 'select file' can we find which application we want to download
• Once selected, click the 'stables to devices', then the application will be installed in mobile phones We

InstallerCara GER is a little similar to how to install Android applications through the Android SDK, the only difference in this way is easier and simpler because we do not need to apply the settings on the phone. With this application, we can install APK files that exist on the computer / PC to your android phone just by double clicking the APK file. Here are the steps:
• Download and install APKlnstaller application by clicking the file named 'install.bat'.
• Once installed, connect the phone android We go to computer / PC.
• Click 2 times the APK file on the computer who wants to
• be installed to the phone we android.

But if you want to install APK but no USB cable, we can use another way. For example we move the APK file via the memory card, bluetooth, or send an email to GER, and then open the email to download APK. Use the way that is easy, which is important for the APK file that can be moved to the phone we android. After the APK file is located on android phones We, before downloading it first make sure the switch on / check list (v) in the 'Unknown Sources' which can be set in the Menu> Settings> Application.
  • Astro File ManagerLain again when we use via Astro File Manager. There are many types of file manager application on the android market, one of which application the file manager by the name ASTRO File Manager.
  • If we do not have it, the better we first installed this ASTRO File Manager. If We're there, find the APK file stored on the memory card by using the ASTRO File Manager.
  • The steps were easy:
  • Or we are storing in AppSaver applications, can open it via file manager application, and then install at will that we want. With notes, contained in AppSaver application, an application that once we downloaded earlier. It's quite effective on a hobby We bergonta android phones.
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