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Unique Facts About the Facebook Status

on 29/01/12 | 20:53

Unique Facts About the Facebook Status. Facebook, the social networking site Maya number bully in the Universe, with a user or users in the world, has always been a topic of conversation everywhere. Looks like it is not uncommon to see a middle man to FB status updates Via Blackberry, or perched in front of the PC to linger just to read the status of friends and acquaintances, providing comment-a comment on the status of the FB, or just to play various games that amount most on Facebook.

But do you know some interesting facts about Facebook which according to recent news has had 800 Million users, who have not we think, or it is difficult for us to analyze it? Here are some unique facts about Facebook that was compiled based on surveys conducted in the UK to 2000 users of Facebook as a comparison material recently.

Interesting Facts About the Status Facebook :
  • Although Facebook does not officially announced, but it is believed the current Facebook users has reached 800 Million people worldwide.
  • If the status of the entire Facebooker printed in A4 size paper, then in just one year alone would produce 11, 5 billion pieces of good facebook status records containing aphorisms or alay status.
  • In 1 day, the average user spends 32 minutes to read Facebook status. In one year alone, it takes about 573 billion hours to read all of your Facebook status for 1 year, assuming a page of A4 paper to read for 3 minutes (facebook facts point 2).
  • The time needed to read the whole facebook status for 1 year (point to the fact 3) equal to the time it takes to circumnavigate the globe with Boing 747 aircraft for 8.5 million times.
Data and Facts on the Status of uniquely interesting FB picture above is not actual conditions. But how mencengangkannya when we realize, that indeed we even every day to update FB status more than 3 times, spent more than an hour to read the status-the status of friends, some even up to 10 hours online in front of a PC just for staring at your Facebook, every day .
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