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Five Million Android Gadget infected with Virus

on 02/02/12 | 00:02

Five Million Android Gadget infected with Virus.This type of virus is the most attacking Counterclank. This malicious program has the ability to download a special file, and sends information to the victims of the virus with no known owner.

In his official site, Symantec states that Counterclank attacking through applications made by three different developers namely, iApps 7 inc, Ogre Games, and redmicapps. Actually this is not a new type of virus, this is the development of viruses that have been detected Tonclank June 2011 and with a similar attack mode.

Counterclank currently still exists in some games and applications on the Android market. It is not certain how many devices have been infected, yet the amount is not less than five million units.
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