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Analog TVs can not receive broadcasts

on 01/02/12 | 23:58

Analog TVs can not receive broadcasts. Soon, analog TV broadcasts will not be accepted. As per the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) or international telecommunications authority, at the latest, June 17, 2015 around the world require broadcasters to do with digital broadcasting.

analog tv
Impact, as analog TV watching daily broadcasts will not be accepted. And inevitably, the people have to switch to the TV that can capture digital broadcasts.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications and Informatics) are now beginning to socialize so that people get ready to migrate from analog TV to digital TV.

`Decision ITU, June 17, 2015 all analog TVs have to migrate to digital,` wrote the Minister of Communications and Information , Saturday (28/01/2012). Explained, TV manufacturers will be producing digital TV. `Figure clean and clear voice.
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