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Mozilla Firefox 10 Has Ben Released

on 01/02/12 | 23:47

Mozilla Firefox 10 Has Ben Released. Firefox 10 is now available for download and will be disseminated through a notice update on all Firefox users. Although the typical user will only see a few changes, Firefox 10 arrived with a number of features.

Firefox 10
For developers, this version comes with some changes that should improve the pre-existing developer tools. As reported by Softpedia on Wednesday (01.02.2012), here are some of the features offered by Firefox 10.

Add-ons are compatible by default
Large and new features in Firefox 10, at least in the category of impact, is the default add-on compatibility. All add-ons that are listed as a supporter of Firefox 4 or later, allowed to work and install on Firefox 10.

Some of them may need to be updated and may still not be compatible, but is assessed on a case by case basis. Add-ons will be marked as compatible, add-ons unless they prove not to work.

This should mean that people will more easily find updates to new versions of Firefox and not stuck in the old version, not safe, and no support, just because her favorite add-on does not work.

Fullscreen API
"Mozilla Firefox introduced a Full-Screen API for websites and web applications, enabling developers to build Web experiences that utilize the entire screen," said Mozilla.

"Full-Screen API allows developers to make games full-screen video experience more deeply and share a richer way," he said.

Fullscreen API is part of the proposed HTML5 standard and allows the site to have the pages appear across the screen. Video players and 3D games are the two most obvious things that use those features, but there are also others. Chrome and Safari also support the API.

WebGL Anti-Aliasing and CSS 3D Transforms

"Firefox now supports Anti-Aliasing for WebGL, allowing developers to create a unified and moving object smoothly," he added.

"Firefox also supports 3D CSS Transforms, which allows developers to create animation and transform two-dimensional elements into 3D elements using HTML5, without plugins from third parties," he said.

New features in Firefox 10 should receive greater attention from the developers rather than ordinary users. However, the simple fact that most add-on will be able to work in Firefox makes the release of this version is more valuable.
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2 Februari 2012 02.31

masih belum mempergunakan mozilla 10, bertahan di 6

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